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Noa Hair Clinic Offers the latest techniques in Hair and Skin treatment, we incorporate leading-edge surgical as well as non-invasive methods so you get to choose what kind of treatment you want and what’s best for you. Our dedicated physicians and staff are devoted to providing the best possible specialty care

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Noa hair is the physical embodiment of our strongest belief in the idea: people are the happiest versions of themselves when they feel they are living as the maximum version of themselves.

We believe in propelling people to work towards whatever makes them feel better and content. Our goal is to give our customers their confidence back, believe in themselves, and cater to their beauty needs and desires.



To enhance patients’ natural beauty by offering premium cosmetic services with affordable, secure, and low-downtime procedures under one roof, all while maintaining patient protection, privacy, and dignity through simple patient-centric treatment.

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We stand for reliance and trust. Our goal is to give our customers their
confidence back

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We stand for reliance and trust. Our goal is to give our customers their
confidence back

Shibram Naidu13/07/2022

My friend recommended this place and took consultation for hair fall. Enrolled for 4 GFC hair therapy sessions. I have grown my hair by 50 % and hair fall has also stopped. Planning to enroll for more sessions.


So I was googling to go to the best place for my hairfall and dandruff problem and I came across Noa clinic. I casually went in for a consultation not hoping much but their recommendation and treatment have done wonders to my hair. Thank you Noa, will definitely recommend.

Aadarshini Saha04/07/2022

Thank you Noa for recommending the right treatment to contain my hairfall. I'm continuing the diet and lifestyle changes suggested. Will definitely recommend to friends.

Sandra Miller27/07/2022

They offer wide range of services for all skin and hair problems, successfully reduced hair fall after getting treatment here from Noa

Raghav Reddey13/07/2022

I came to know this place through Instagram, saw one of their videos and decided to take a consultation in kadapa branch for my hair fall. I was suggested to go for GFC and Hair Growth Treatment.

Karumanchi Dileep12/11/2021

I have a hair tranplant and hair growth treatment at NOA. And I seen a very good results. Earlier i have a heavy hair fall. Now, I have a good hair growth and low control of hair fall. It's a good place for a hair loss and hair growth treatment.