Scar Camouflage

Scars on your body can bring down your confidence and lower your self-esteem. Scar Camouflage is a solution for hiding the scar with a tattoo treatment that involves adding pigmentation to the scar. It is a procedure where a needle is inserted into the scar and ink is deposited that impersonates the shade of your skin.

For The Best Consequences of Scar Camouflage:

  • Scar should be at least a year old
  • It shouldn’t show redness
  • It should be paler than the surrounding skin
  • It shouldn’t be noticeably sunken

Stretch Mark Camouflage

Stretch marks foster when stretching of the skin occurs. They additionally develop with weight gain, can be connected to hereditary factors and various other reasons. Women are bound to foster stretch imprints because of pregnancy, yet men frequently get them as a result of muscle gain.

Stretch mark Camouflage is a pmu method where we match the pigments to your complexion and by using an advanced gadget we implement pigments into the skin. We cover the discoloration of stretch marks with a delicate pigmentation so they are less apparent.

Vitiligo Camouflage

Vitiligo is a skin condition depicted by patches of the skin losing its color. The patches of skin affected become white and have sharp edges. The hair on the skin may also be white. Although this disease isn’t hazardous or infectious, the disfigurement of vitiligo can be obliterating to its victims, particularly the ones with a more dark complexion

Permanent Camouflage is acquired with a cosmetic tattoo. Unlike colors used for ordinary tattoos, cosmetic tattoos are inactive iron oxides that are available in 15 shades. The color cannot be washed off after it is implanted into the dermal layer with specialized techniques.


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