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Juvederm Volite is the latest, skin booster, injectable product from Allergans multi-award-winning line Juvederm. It’s a skin booster which hydrates and rejuvenates the skin from within to increase luminosity, hydrate and reduce fine lines.

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This Treatment Is Like Injecting a Hyaluronic Acid Serum into Your Face

Rather than slathering hyaluronic acid on topically, Volite involves a series of injections that deliver the ingredient deep down into the dermis and increase hydration for skin that looks smoother and more supple.

Dermal filler but not a conventional one

Volite is classed as dermal filler as it is made up of hyaluronic acid but it is not conventional dermal filler.

It improves skin condition, but it does not add ‘volume.’ Adding facial volume is typical of dermal fillers with a thicker consistency used explicitly for building more significant levels of volume in the cheek and lip area and under-eye hollows.

The consistency of Volite is more like water than a thick gel. To give an idea of how it works – if you were to inject it into lip it would smooth out the lines on the lip and hydrate the lip without necessarily making the lips bigger.

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  • The result of this innovative injectable treatment is – dramatically improved skin quality
  • Glowing, hydrated, glossy skin
  • Fine lines, rough, dehydrated, and porous skin is nourished and plumped with moisture for a smoother surface
  • Your skin will look instantly more radiant and glowing. The increased hydration levels will continue to improve the look of the skin over the following weeks

Who is this treatment for?

The Volite treatment is suitable for men and women. As the key benefit of Volite is hydrated, glossy skin, we recommend this treatment for those looking for an intensive dose of skin hydration.

What areas are treated with Volite Juvederm?

Volite is a rejuvenating treatment that can smooth fine lines and increase hydration levels for glowing skin. The treatment can be used to improve skin texture in the following areas:

  • The entire upper and lower face
  • Neck
  • Décolletage
  • Hands
  • Smokers lines and fine lines around the mouth
  • Under-eye wrinkles
  • Fine lines around the eyes
  • Wrinkly cheeks
  • Crepey hands

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