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Everything you need to know about hair follicle transplant

Who doesn’t like luscious, beautiful hair? There are a variety of reasons like age, genetics, illness and sometimes more pollution would depreciate hair growth. Slowly the hair loss gets worse and before even realizing the damage there would be a blad spot! In such cases, hair transplantation can save us.

What is hair transplantation?

Hair transplantation is a surgical procedure where the surgeon moves hair from an area of the body (the donor area) to the bald area on the head. The donor area is usually at the back of the head. A hair transplant is a restoration method that is permanent and looks incredibly natural.

Reason for hair loss

A small amount of hair fall is perfectly normal, as hair loss is a part of the hair growth cycle. The new hair grows, and the old hair is pushed out. Occasionally, hair fall increases for some reasons like stress or bad food habits, but in most cases, small changes in the routine or products fix the problem soon. Sometimes hair loss grows so advanced that small changes are not enough to reverse it. Baldness and thinning of the hair occur for different reasons. In 95% of the cases, it’s mostly due to genetics, hormonal changes, or age. Sometimes it can be because of stress or an unhealthy lifestyle. In rare cases, someone can suffer from hair loss after a trauma or an accident. The baldness can be caused by medications, like certain antidepressants, or blood pressure medications. It can be also caused by medical reasons like chemotherapy or alopecia.

Hair transplants and their uses

Growing bald affects the person in multiple ways it can make one more vulnerable and conscious about oneself. It affects even their behaviour and actions as well. In most cases, the option to look for is a permanent solution which would be hair plugs or wigs as a solution to baldness or thinning of hair. As people find these more unnatural and this would be very noticeable but later hair transplants were developed, these days hair transplant is so natural even hairdressers can’t find the difference. Not only these are more natural but also long-lasting. Getting hair transplants would look more natural than any hair plugs or wigs and it is a more cost-effective way than wearing wigs. The wigs would require a lot of maintenance and would be required to replace quite frequently.

Hair follicle transplantation

Generally, hair transplant is done in two methods that would be follicular unit extraction and follicular unit transplantation you put follicular units are harvested from the donor area and then replaced in the micro slits, which are made in the recipient area in follicular unit transplantation a linear strip of hair is harvested from the donor area and then dissected into the into grafts these grafts are then implanted into the recipient area.

After the surgery is complete the patient will be discharged the very same day however one should return to the clinic after 48 hours and then after 10 days for the follow-up appointments the patient will be prescribed the course of antibiotics, Painkillers, and topical agents. There may be swelling on the forehead or around the eyes which may extend to the next four to five days however these patients are advised to sleep on their backs with their heads slightly elevated for seven to eight days this helps in reducing the swelling itching is the common sensation post surgery it’ll fade away in few days. The shampooing only is allowed after five to seven days depending on the patient’s recovery most people see the results of the procedure between six to nine months some see the results after 12 months.

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