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A hair transplant is a safe procedure that produces impressive results. Besides, methods such as FUT and FUE increase patients’ confidence regarding the surgery. And, this is why more and more people are visiting an advanced hair clinic for hair transplants.

To encourage recovery and enjoy long-lasting results, you should know what to avoid for at least two weeks after the procedure. While aftercare regimes are prescribed to every patient, it might be helpful to learn a few post-treatment cares beforehand.

Here is what you should avoid following a hair transplant procedure.

Don’t sleep flat

After the surgery, it is wise to make movements more cautiously. In short, avoid tossing and turning frequently. Besides, prop your pillows to about 45 degrees for the first few nights after visiting the best hair clinic for transplantation. This position helps moderate the flow of blood to the head.

As such, it reduces the possibility of swelling. Or else, the recovery process will be slow. In addition, place a towel over the pillow. Anything that your head touches should remain clean. That way, the vulnerable area stays protected. And, it accelerates the recovery procedure.

Don’t scrub your hair

Following a hair transplant, never wash your hair for about two to three days. However, wash your hair on the third day. But do not wash them aggressively for about a week. Besides, do not stand below the shower.

Also, protect your scalp from the direct impact of the stream. Rather, use a mug to pour water gently. If your head itches a bit, you can use shampoo as well. Whatever you do, be gentle on your scalp.

Stay hydrated

Staying hydrated after a hair transplant is more important to make the recovery faster. So, make it an effort to drink more water for a couple of weeks. A good rule of thumb is to drink 10% more water compared to what you usually drink.

Avoid direct sunlight

Exposing your scalp to sunlight for the first 14 days after the transplant from a hair solution clinic is not a good idea. Even if you go outside, do not stay for too long. However, if you use your hair transplant as an excuse to go for a vacation, ensure that you stay indoors. As such, you can protect yourself from potential sunburn.

Stay out of the gym

Never engage yourself in intense exercise after the surgery. If you are thinking about breaking a personal sprinting or lifting record, keep it for another day. However, light to moderate exercise won’t do significant harm. Moreover, keep your blood pressure and heart rate within a normal range for a minimum of seven days post-surgery.

Smoking and drinking

Try to quit smoking a few months before visiting a hair clinic for transplantation. Smoking elevates your blood pressure to a dangerous level. Keep in mind that proper blood flow is crucial for developing new hair. Stay away from nicotine such as cigars, cigarettes, e-liquids, and nicotine gum for at least one month after your hair transplant.

Because alcohol is a diuretic, it will dehydrate you. As a result, the recovery time might get extended. Also, it will increase your discomfort level. Besides, dehydration increases blood pressure. And, it results in insufficient blood flow and important nutrients to your head. So, avoid alcohol for the first week after surgery.

Avoid fast food

Normally, you may not feel like cooking after the procedure from a renowned hair growth clinic. And, chances are that you may resort to fast food for convenience. Remember, adequate hydration and healthy blood flow are important during recovery. Besides, your hair needs plenty of nutrients to grow healthy and beautiful.

Sadly, fast foods lack healthy nutrients and contain lots of empty calories. If your diet doesn’t have sufficient nutrients, your new hair will struggle to become healthy. So, include supplements in your diet.

Having sex after a hair transplant

Typically, having sex increase blood pressure. Doing anything stressful within the recovery period raises blood pressure. As such, the chances of bleeding from the incisions in your head increase. Therefore, having sex after the procedure is not recommended because of certain accidents that might take place.

Unknowingly, partners could touch the fragile areas resulting in ruining the follicles. It is wise not to get involved in sex within two weeks from the transplant date.

Need more information?

If you have lots of questions while considering a hair transplant, book an appointment with our specialists at NOA. From the start when you visit us until the results are impressive, our doctors are with you. Still, searching for the best hair clinic in Bangalore? Contact the experts at NOA by visiting our website or call us at 08367436003 today and schedule your initial consultation.

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