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Best Hair Treatment

Hair treatments are meant to remediate any hair care problems like hair fall, dryness, frizzy hair, dandruff, thinning of hair and many more conditions which occur. But the treatments will always vary when it comes to different skin conditions. Because there are a lot of options in the treatments including ingredients and the elements used to tackle them. These problems will be caused due to different reasons like diets followed, lifestyle, and the products used for the hair, stress, pollution, humidity and hair type. The real question lies in the treatment of these hair conditions. The types of products used for hair treatments can be masks, shampoos, conditioners, serums, hair oils, and hair sprays. But all these are meant for a different problem and don’t involve holistically solving the hair fall issue. As the market has grown there are specific products which help in moisturizing the hair, and some help in clearing the excess oil or debris present on the scalp. There are shampoos which prevent lice and dandruff which help in the growth of the hair as well. And as the pollution is increasing the hair gets frizzy that is where hair masks and conditioners come into the picture. The shampooing has to be done regularly and the hair has to be repaired for the split end along with the shine and luscious-looking hair. As hair oils have been a great part of a routine help in adding a moisturizer to the hair and it helps the hair to grow. And certain oils like tea tree oil, peppermint and castor oils add moisture to the hair. Where aromatic oils help in curing dandruff and lice as they have antibacterial properties to combat them.

How are the hair treatments done?

There is n number of products in the market which claim to be one hundred per cent effective in combat the necessary arena where they claim to be experts, but that is not the case. Some shampoos will be too hard on the hair and it might lead to more hair fall. The correct way of using the shampoos is to use only a coin-sized dollop no matter how long your hair is. And the shampoo must be applied only to the scalp. This is because the properties of the shampoo should be absorbed by the scalp not to be gathered into the body of the hair to show the complete effectiveness of the shampoo. The hair body naturally gets cleaned when the shampoo is rinsed off and you can apply a bit more but the priority should be only on the scalp. The conditioner is another important part of the routine which must be applied only to the hair body. The hair oil has to be applied for one-hour minimum before one washes the hair and one can choose to apply overnight as well which would deeply condition the hair. The hair oil treatment regimen generally would be put in herbal products so that the scalp can absorb it. And to get a more effective treatment is to heat the oil before applying them rather than applying straight from the bottle. Coconut oil makes the hair grow, almond oil makes the hair grow thicker, while peppermint oil and tea tree oil make dandruff go away. Now coming to hair masks must be done before applied an hour before the shampoo. The hair serum is meant to be applied after the shampoo and the conditioning should be applied to the damp hair.

Are there any side effects in the hair treatment?

There are no side effects to using hair treatments however one must be careful while using one because that would damage the hair. For example, if you have oily hair and you use a shampoo that is meant to add more moisture to your will not be beneficial at all because it is pretty much the opposite of what you need. One can always consult a hair care expert for the products to use.

What must be considered post-treatment?

Good hair care doesn’t just include shampooing or conditioning. One must also protect the hair from environmental damage and make sure the hair isn’t filled with dust and debris. The basic hair care solution has to be taken like when one goes swimming one has to take care of the hair with a hair cap and to prevent chlorine and putting on a scarf while visiting highly polluted areas. One can try the oil technique as well one when goes out. One should always keep in mind about hair straightening or colouring needs extra care.

How long does the recovery take?

It is usually around a month for a specific procedure, as the changes might seem to appear. For instance, using hair masks or serums will show noticeable changes from the minute you start using them. Hair oils can have strong results from the second wash itself. Hair oils show the results from the second wash itself. By the time a month rolls around, the hair care treatments will have taken full effect. Usually, the products contain mild ingredients which are recommended over harsh or fast-acting ingredients.

Are the results permanent?

If the product is used correctly then the results can be permanent however most people who try to use one product for a specific amount of time get bored, switch to a new one and then see no results. So it is always better to stick to the one where the results are visible. Gradually the hair texture will improve and naturally it will look better.

What are the alternatives to the treatment?

Instead of using the products available in the market, one can always use home hair care products. Coating the hair with lemon, yoghurt and turmeric would get rid of dandruff. A mask of the raw egg would also do the same. There are plenty of home care remedies for hair treatment but always doing the patch test is the best advice than jumping onto the new hair care remedies which come on the way.

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