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laser hair removal near me

If you have planned to try laser treatment for hair removal, you must also have read about its pros, cons, and side effects. This post is not about that.

After consultation, Noa Hair offers the best and latest hair removal treatments to identify the skin type and the best solution. While we believe in educating our patients before the procedure, you should also know all the important things before starting the treatment.

Therefore, our experts compiled a list of important information that you should know before getting laser hair removal treatment.

The process is not painless but isn’t too painful either

We asked our patients if they found the procedure too painful. Most of them said they experienced pain, but thankfully, the pain was bearable with our advanced procedure.

Noa Hair’s lasers have a cooling mechanism that cools the area where the laser works. With our latest technologies and skills, patients heal faster than they imagined, and the pain lasts only for some time.

Patience is the key

Generally, it takes almost three weeks after the first laser hair removal treatment to show results, and it takes up to 12 visits to see the end result. However, you must not miss an appointment and follow the instructions properly to ensure the best result.

Laser treatment works on the problem’s roots, literally! Therefore, you have to follow the rules patiently, never miss an appointment, and wait until the treatment is over to see the final result.

No gym after the treatment

The laser hair removal treatment generates heat that stays on the skin for almost 24 hours. So, to avoid bacteria from multiplying and giving ugly spots on your skin, avoid going to saunas, hot showers or the gym.

Take the sun seriously

You should avoid sun exposure and sunbathe before as well as after the laser hair removal treatment. If you already have tan on your skin, wait until it disappears before starting the treatment.

Switching up beauty products and regime

You should avoid retinol creams, glycolic acid, and scrubs two days before as well as after the laser treatment. You might notice your skin drier than before after the treatment. You can use mild face washes and moisturizers, but only after your doctor approves.

Experts advise avoiding chemical peels and fake skin tan two weeks before and after the treatment.

Avoid waxing or tweezing before the procedure

The laser works on the hairs’ pigment, and the best source is hair follicles! Therefore, the hair follicles need to be present to ensure the laser hair removal treatment works great.

Avoid waxing or tweezing before your treatment starts. Shaving is fine.

Check your medications

In rare cases, certain medications can make the skin more sensitive to the laser, and that can result in burns or pigment abnormalities. Therefore, inform your skin specialist about the medicine before the procedure to ensure everything goes fine.


Generally, smooth legs and sculpted brows mean hours of tweezing and waxing. But you can have these and much more with laser hair removal treatment.

Noa Hair offers affordable and safe laser hair removal. Our skin experts with years of experience and expertise can ensure that you get the perfectly smooth skin you deserve.

With advanced technology and affordable laser hair removal treatment, you can have that celebrity look you have always dreamt of!

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