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Male Pattern Baldness treatment

One of the major hair problems today is hair loss; it’s more common than you think!

More than 145 million people worldwide are affected by alopecia or hair fall. The number is only expected to grow in the upcoming years.

We at Noa Hair understand that hair baldness is a common and serious problem among men. Therefore, we prescribe hair restoration treatments that guarantee fast results and permanent solutions.

Let us understand why men suffer balding and what can cause it.

What causes hair fall?

By age 51, more than half of the total male population experiences hair loss and the most common cause is Androgenetic alopecia or AGA.

Generally, baldness is associated with genetics only, but there are other reasons too that can cause balding.
Take a look are the most common causes of balding –


Androgenetic alopecia or male pattern baldness is triggered or caused by the genes one gets from their parent. In simpler terms, if a person has close relatives who suffered balding, the chances are high that they might also

experience it!

In some cases, balding starts early, where a person’s hair starts to thin and lose density.


Hair loss due to a medical condition is not always permanent; conditions like thyroid problems or anemia can cause hair loss. Further, deficiency in iron and protein in a body can also trigger hair loss.

Lupus or diabetes can also cause hair loss; certain drugs can also cause hair loss.


Fungal or bacterial infections can also trigger hair loss; for example, ringworm or fungal infections can create bald spots or scaly patches on the scalp.

Shock or stress

Many of us don’t know that stress or shock can be a major triggering factor for baldness. However, an emotional or physical shock can cause hair loss that can last for a very long time.

The baldness pattern among men begins on the crown, temples, and front of the scalp. Over months or years, the balding areas expand and take over a large portion of the head.


There are various hair treatments available today for baldness – surgical, cosmetic, and pharmaceutical.

While some cases of baldness can be treated successfully with FDA-approved drugs like finasteride and topical minoxidil, some require surgeries. The right treatment depends on several factors, like age, weight, existing medical conditions, etc.

Therefore, it is always good to talk to hair experts first and then decide the right treatment. You should understand everything important about the treatment, such as benefits, possible side effects, healing time, and the result.

A permanent solution

We understand that thinning or losing hair can be scary, and before we know it, we find ourselves searching for solutions on the internet. So that hair loss or hair fall can have an adverse effect on a person’s mental and emotional state.

Over the years, we have treated people across ages with utmost care and delivered desired results.
If you notice too much hair on the floor or bed sheets, it’s time you take hair fall seriously. Contact us and talk to our experts to understand the problem better.

We guarantee permanent solutions and smiles!

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