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Dermal fillers in Bangalore

The chic and the perfect way to look sometimes is to avoid ageing, as time passes pollution and the modern lifestyle, altered food, bad food habits and stress would be the cause of premature ageing than natural ageing. Everyone doesn’t age gracefully. So, looking like everyone (Younger) is one of the ways to stand out. But doing that alone in the diet is impossible nowadays. The best way would be to opt for the scientific method. When I say scientific it means the treatment that reaches the root cause and treats the underlying issue. So, to do that the basic and the affordable way to do that would be choosing the dermal fillers. Skin experts hold vast experience in this field and are delivering the best anti-aging treatments. Now, one can enjoy younger-looking skin and falling in love with oneself is the best way to do it.

Dermal fillers and more to it

Dermal fillers are mostly known as face fillers, these are gel injections, which mostly contain hyaluronic acid injected under the skin to add volume to the skin, and soft tissues and to fill in the wrinkles. The dermal fillers can contain natural and synthetic substances which are mostly different like Hyaluronic acid, calcium hydroxyapatite, poly-L-lactic acid, polymethylmethacrylate, and autologous fat injections. Skin elasticity usually decreases with age as there is less production of collagen in the skin. The dermal fillers work by boosting it, dermal fillers mostly contain hyaluronic acid, and when injected under the skin where it starts reproducing the collagen and the elastin fibres which rejuvenates one’s skin, increases the volume in the skin and the elasticity. They also regulate the water balance or moisturize the level of the skin to keep it hydrated. The acid or the gels utilized in this procedure is the skin-friendly tissues which help in diminishing skin lines, and wrinkles to give a natural softer and younger-looking skin.

Benefits of dermal fillers

The dermal filler for the anti-ageing can be mostly used in various skin rejuvenation benefits, like skin hydration the other uses would be to smoothen out the skin lines, enhances the shallow contours on the face, restore volume to gaunt cheeks or temples, diminishes vertical lip lines, makes lips plumper and fuller, smoothens out chin crease, stimulates collagen production. Looking at these dermal fillers are most safe than ever because they don’t exhibit any signs of infection and are considered to be safe for the skin when got done in a reputed, well-known and trusted, certified clinic. These are the different types of dermal fillers used for the different areas of the face. Each of the dermal fillers works accordingly to the facial features. The common areas treated with dermal fillers are temporal hollows, cheek, subtalar, Nose, Nasolabial folds, Marionette lines, Mental crease and chin, Oral commissure, and Jaw line. The fillers used for the lips and Jawlines are the most used fillers these days. And people love to have fuller lips and sharp jaw lines. Expect these teardrops and the troughs smokers lines, hands, marionette lines, vermillion border etc, these can be treated with dermal fillers along with botox.

Before, during and after dermal fillers

Before your treatment, our doctors may ask you to go through some routine checkups or blood tests a week before the procedure. He/ she may ask to discontinue the medications like blood thinning agents if you are taking any medications. One has to quit smoking a few weeks before dermal filler treatments. Our doctors will mark the filler sites and then the area is cleaned properly, local anesthesia will be given in the form of an injection or a topical cream before the treatment, and a doctor will inject the filler under the skin as per the marked facial site, you will experience the mild or bearable sensation of the pain. Use of ice pack to reduce swelling and bruises if there are any, redness on your face will fade away within a few days, and use of good SPF and avoid sun exposure, Use a good moisturizer to maintain skin hydration, and one can resume physical activities after 48 hours.

Choosing the right action for the skin in the speculated area is the homework the patient needs to do to attain younger, healthier-looking skin. Analyzing the pros and cons and having regular checkups with the dermatologist is always recommended.

For more information talk to experienced dermatologists at Noa Skin and Hair Clinic in Kadapa and Bengaluru

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