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Nowadays we hear a lot of girls complaining about facial hair, pigmentation, blackheads, pores in the skin, whiteheads, age wrinkles and whatnot. As the trend is moving to make ourselves pretty and getting up to the standards and norms is getting revolutionized and trending. While talking about professional grade treatment the thing that pops up during this conversation is Medi facial treatment.

What is this Medi facial treatment?

Medi-facials are the medically approved and medically graded facial treatment that provides ultimate facials that salons cannot provide in their conventional ways. These facials go above and beyond to treat the skin to make it luminous and healthy. These treatments are designed in such a way that it treats specific skin conditions along with specific skin disorders and this treatment is tested and safe for all skin types. These are treatments which are done by certified, experienced dermatologists, who have mastered and are skilled at using the medical devices and who have practised the techniques involved in the treatment.

Generally, the most used treatments are microcurrents, photo rejuvenation, LED therapy, microdermabrasion, and dermaplaning these treatments lead to resolving the skin conditions like dull, dry loose skin. As these treatments rejuvenate and revitalize the skin which makes it look youthful, and glowing and the skin would retain all the hydration required once the treatment is done. Most of the cohort prefers this to treatment to resolve the malignant issues from many years like sun damage, pigmentation, ageing and bumps in the face.

Usages of a Medi-facial

As we will be going through an entire process to make over selves pretty lets us first see what benefits we can expect from this Medi-facial. The benefits of Medi facial are profuse. Usually, when we compare to a spa it just touches the surface of the skin, but this treatment goes deep into the epidermis and vitalizes the skin with necessary high-grade elements getting permeated into the skin. In Medi facials, the devices like ultrasonic, misoperation along with an amalgamation of nutraceuticals like serums, vitamins, chemical peels, and plant extract are being used. Which leads to long-lasting and hopeful results. These treatments take 48-72 hours to set and to get healthy skin one needs to wait for 28-48 days for the long-term and permanent rejuvenation of the skin. The uses of Medi facials are

  • Moisturizing the skin
  • Tightening the skin
  • Relaxing and decreases the stress
  • Exfoliating, softening and providing lithe skin
  • Reduces the signs of ageing and has anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial uses.
  • Painless and noninvasive

Points to be noted while getting Medi facial

This is a medically tailored treatment based on the patient’s skin and needs to meet all the criteria.

  • Facial cleansing, exfoliation, and extraction happen more extensively than a regular facial.
  • These are safe and effective
  • Medi facials can complement other treatments like derma fillers, laser treatments
  • Post-treatment one-day make-up should be avoided
  • It doesn’t need any downtime
  • Most symptoms that can be expected are redness, which subsides within a few hours of treatment.
  • This treatment is safe for pregnant women, however, certain techniques like microdermabrasion may not be safe for an expecting mother.

Consulting dermatologist

While consulting a dermatologist it is important to disclose all the medical history about allergies, previous skin treatments and if your skin is sensitive to any chemicals that have to be informed. This information will help the dermatologist to choose the right chemical for the skin and hash out a proper blueprint for the treatment based on your skin needs and type. So that the treatment provided would have the optimum results.

What to expect during the procedure?

Most of the patients experience the warm-to-hot sensation during the procedure and there might be some acerbic sensation. Some minor inconveniences occur during chemical peels and dermabrasion. During this procedure, the best practice would be to inform the dermatologist well in advance about the history.

Medical treatment for facial hair

Dermatologists use laser therapy for facial hair removal and it is effective as well with the advanced technology and is safe to use. The removal of unwanted facial hair can be done in 6 sessions and it is not permanent on women’s faces and can be repeated when the hair re-grows.

Medi facials near me

The Medi facials are available in most metropolitan cities like Bombay, Delhi, Bangalore, Chennai, Calcutta, and Pune. But the patient should always do check on the clinic and talk with the dermatologist before getting an appointment for treatment. A piece of basic information about the treatment should be known to the patient so that the patient can be more confident during the treatment and have a safe and good experience during the procedure.

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