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Do you worry about hair growth or experience hair loss frequently? If so, this post might help you understand the causes of hair loss, the signs, and how to deal with them in the right way.

Suddenly you notice that your hair begins to thin off and leads to hair fall. Now, that’s a tricky situation that nobody wants to fall in. Besides, the unpleasant situation makes you feel irritated and lose confidence especially if you are a teenager.

At NOA Skin & Hair Clinic, we undertake the best hair transplant treatment that gives you effective results. More about this later but first understand what causes hair fall and its signs.

Causes of hair loss in teens

The possible causes for loss of hair in teens are as follows.

  1. Genetics

    Pattern baldness is a kind of hair loss that’s connected genetically and is referred to as androgenetic alopecia. The condition is predictable.

    For men, it appears with the decline of hairline in the form of a U, V, or M shape pattern with baldness in the forehead. In women, it appears as a steady thinning of hair. Pattern hair loss may start in the adult years.
    But it can start when you attain puberty as well. Having a history of pattern hair loss in your family can increase the chances of developing the same in you.

  2. Alopecia Areata

    It is a kind of problem that relates to the immune system that causes loss of hair in patches. Auto-immune diseases tend to occur when the immune system misunderstands healthy body cells as invaders.

    And, it will attack the hair follicles. Apart from hair loss, you can experience loss of hair on your neck, face, eyelashes, brows, and entire body.

  3. Thyroid conditions

    Different types of diseases related to present thyroid conditions can cause overproduction or underproduction of thyroid hormones. Because of this situation, you will likely experience hair loss.

    Loss of hair caused due to imbalance of thyroid hormones appears as thinning of hair across your scalp. Both prolonged and severe thyroid disease can result in hair loss. However, the best hair transplant clinic can take care of it with proper treatment.

  4. Polycystic ovary syndrome

    It is a common health issue faced by women where the boy produces androgen in excessive amounts. When women produce too much of it, certain symptoms such as acne, irregular menstrual cycles, and hair thinning becomes normal.

  5. Malnutrition

    When your body does not get the requisite amount of nutrients, it is called malnutrition. Some of the reasons might include eating disorders, lifestyle, imbalanced diet, or shortage of food. As such, they cause hair loss.

Signs of hair loss

Here are some early signs of baldness that you may notice in your teens.

  1. Receding hairline in males

    This symptom should indicate a major problem. A receding hairline means an uneven hairline that goes deep once it reaches the temple.

  2. Thinning crown in female teens

    In general, females experience balding in the forehead and temples. Sometimes, it can go unnoticed if you have thick hair. But the scalp becomes more visible as time passes and the hair becomes thin.

  3. Itchy and flaky scalp

    Not everyone who experiences hair loss might have an itchy scalp. In short, having an itchy and flaky scalp is not always the effect or cause of hair loss. Still, you can find them with hair loss. Also, the reason could be dandruff or other medical condition.

  4. Thin hair

    It is normal for your hair to grow back when you experience hair loss initially. But the growth of hair will be shaggy and thin.

  5. Visible hair strands

    You will notice strands of hair on your pillow or the sink after washing your hair.

Treatment of hair loss in teens

Some of the popular methods that can help treat hair loss are as follows.

  1. Treatment for hormonal imbalances

    When hormonal imbalances are taken care of, they can stop hair loss and aid in new hair growth.

  2. Changes in diet

    Following a healthy diet is good for your body. It benefits your scalp and hair as well. Therefore, add nutritious food to your diet and stress on eating balanced meals.

  3. Hair transplant

    No doubt, a hair transplant is the best treatment for your hair loss. The hair transplantation clinic uses surgical methods to transfer hair follicles from one part of the body to another. The most popular procedures are the FUT hair transplant and the FUE hair transplant.

It is always a good idea to visit the best hair transplant clinic if you are suffering from hair loss. Stop searching for the best hair transplant Bangalore and visit NOA Skin & Hair clinic to get a proper diagnosis. That way, you can have the right treatment suited for your hair loss.

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