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Most people believe that under eye darkness is due to lack of sleep or extreme tiredness. While these can be one of the causes, there are many reasons for under eye dark circles. Besides, if you are a victim, probably you may have tried everything to get rid of the situation.

From eye creams to concealers and everything that comes in between. At NOA Skin & Hair Clinic, we have a perfect solution that helps your resolve your under eye problems effectively. Micro-needling is an intuitive under eye treatment that has gardened a lot of appreciation from many patients in recent years.

What causes under eye darkness?

Typically, the aging process is the main cause of having dark circles under your eyes. When you age, collagen breaks down gradually. As a result, the deep fat that lays under the skin slowly moves away.

This results in a hollow look and forms dark circles. The area under your eyes appears darker because of the compressed blood vessels that cause hyperpigmentation. Other causes of under eye dark circles include the following.

  • Poor sleeping habits
  • Lack of adequate sleep
  • Genetics
  • Stressful lifestyle
  • Dehydration
  • Unbalanced diet
  • Smoking
  • Drinking alcohol in excess amounts
  • Dermatitis

How effective is micro-needling?

As said, collagen production tends to slow down as you age. One of the most sought-after under eye dark circles treatments involves micro-needling. It is a unique kind of treatment that produce flawless results without pain.

The device used is a Collagen PIN for this purpose. The treatment fools the body into believing that it suffered an injury. As a result, the body generates collagen in great amounts to heal itself. In short, it initiates the skin’s repair process by producing elastin and collagen.

The device creates tiny channels on the skin and it helps absorb creams or serums into the skin. Following the treatment, you can notice your lost youthful glow return to the under eye area that lacked volume before the treatment.

What is involved in the treatment?

This under eye darkness treatment is simple, safe, and effective. Here are the steps involved during the process.

  • Before beginning, doctors apply a numbing cream to the area to minimize discomfort
  • The selection of collagen PIN depends on the number of injections needed and needle depth. And, it varies from one person to another
  • The experts roll the device into the skin
  • Next, the skin is massaged with specialized serums so that they can reach the targeted spot while making your skin look bright

How long does it take to complete the treatment?

In general, a single-day under eye darkness removal treatment completes within thirty minutes or so. However, the complete treatment might need three to six sessions depending on the extent of the affected area.

Our experts will decide the type of treatment depending on your lifestyle goals as well. There is a gap of about six weeks between every single treatment. Patients with deep stretch marks, excessive sun damage, deep wrinkles, or other kinds of scars may need more than six treatments to have impressive results.

What else does the treatment help with?

If you want to reduce under eye darkness, micro-needling helps you increase collagen. Therefore, it adds volume to the area where it was lost previously. Besides, the rest part of your skin gets benefited as well because of the elevated levels of collagen.

In addition, the under eye dark circles treatment helps other areas of concern.

  1. Wrinkles and Fine Lines

    Making your facial muscles work more, spending time under sunlight, stress, and other factors bring wrinkles and fine lines early in your life. Micro-needling addresses these issues by increasing the flow of blood and producing elastin and collagen. That way, it fills the skin with the right nutrients.

  2. Hyperpigmentation

    Do you love laying out under the sun while you are on a trip to a sunny location? If so, chances are that you already have a skin condition called hyperpigmentation. However, micro-needling is an amazing treatment that reduces hyperpigmentation by improving the tone and color of your skin.

  3. Acne Scars

    Having acne scars can bring down your self-confidence in no time. With micro-needling treatment, you can keep acne scars at bay. The collagen PIN sweeps across the scars and punctures them. As a result, the scars get filled up with collagen and the area becomes smooth.

Eliminate Dark Eye Darkness Today

Now that you are aware of an effective solution, do not allow another day to bother your life with under eye darkness. Get connected with our help desk at NOA Skin & Hair Clinic and book a micro-needling treatment today. We are committed to providing you with long-lasting results. Visit our clinic to make under eye dark circles a thing of the past.

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