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The famous Irish writer, George Bernard Shaw, warned people to be careful about false knowledge as it’s worse than ignorance!

It’s true in every case, especially when it comes to your hair and skin. So we at Noa Hair understand how myths related to skincare and hair fall affect people, and that is why our hair experts at Noa Hair discuss with patients and educate them about the problem they are facing.

Myths are dangerous and can prevent you from getting the right medical attention at the right time. Therefore, you must understand the difference between myths and facts. Talking to an expert is always a good idea, especially if it’s backed up with data and studies.

Hair fall and myths

Every year, lakhs of people in Bangalore alone experience balding and hair loss. When a person starts to notice thinning of hair, the logical solution would be seeking a cure or a remedy or just searching the internet with keywords like “hair treatment near me” or “hair fall treatment Bangalore.”

However, most people would turn to the internet only to find a sea of myths presented as hair fall solutions, treatments, and causes. Such myths or false facts can obfuscate hair fall treatments and worsen the condition.

Influencers and self-proclaimed hair experts recommend homemade DIY remedies or products, which usually leads to disappointment. Unfortunately, the overwhelming desire to find a simple solution to a complex problem often makes people believe these myths.

We have listed down the most common hair fall myths and debunked them. So let’s have a look.

Balding in men is due to high levels of testosterone

If testosterone can cause hair loss, why doesn’t it affect hair on other parts of a man’s body?

Instead of testosterone, hair loss is a result of the high sensitivity of the hair follicles on the scalp to dihydrotestosterone (DHT).

It’s safe to assume that internet doctors thought spelling testosterone would be easier than dihydrotestosterone!

Balding starts with losing hair in large amounts

Losing hair in large amounts isn’t a sign of balding.

Sometimes, ordinary thick hairs are replaced by thinner and finer hairs; it’s called miniaturization. But, if you see hair falling out in patches, you should see a hair expert as it could hint at a bigger medical condition.

Wearing hats lead to balding

Many accuse hats as one of the common reasons behind balding. The common belief is that scalps “cannot breathe” under a hat and hair fall due to lack of oxygen.

The oxygen that hair follicles need is derived from the body’s blood flow, not from the air!

Stress will make you bald

Emotional strain, traumatic events, stress, and anxiety can contribute to hair loss, but that is temporary. However, these factors don’t lead to permanent hair conditions such as balding.

Fight myths with facts

Our hair experts at Noa Hair are experienced, skilled, and always up-to-date with the latest medical advancements. We study and understand each patient till we find the exact reason so that we can offer a permanent solution.

Talk to real experts at Noa Hair, and we promise you the best hair treatment you can ever get!

If you are looking for the best hair fall treatment in Indiranagar Bangalore. Call us at +91 99862 92222 and book an appointment today!

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