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If it’s your lucky day, it could just be a dark spot on your skin that would disappear on its own after some days leaving behind a blemish-free and smooth complexion. But, if you are not so lucky, it could be a cancerous mole that can lead to grave health risks if you don’t remove them!

Scary, isn’t it? Not so much, especially after we tell you that Noa Hair can help you in biopsying and identifying moles and get them removed painlessly and easily.

Our expert techniques of mole removal

A mole is characterized as black or brown skin growth that occurs due to the clustering of the skin pigment cells known as melanocytes. Moles are sometimes flat and sometimes raised and can appear almost anywhere in our bodies.

Our mole removals techniques remove the unwanted moles from your skin in the most effective way with minimal scarring as well as ensure a discreet and smooth finish.

Using various techniques of mole removal, we can effectively and safely remove moles on any part of your body. Our techniques are virtually painless with a recovery rate with almost zero downtime.

How to identify a cancerous mole?

We at Noa Hair follow the ABCDE model for the identification of cancerous moles –

A – Asymmetry

We look at a mole and examine if any section or part of it has a different appearance, color, or shape from the rest of it. This helps us understand if the mole is a regular one or a cancerous one.

B – Border

Normal moles generally have regular shaped and clear borders. We examine a mole if it has an irregular shape or border.

C – Color

A mole shouldn’t include different shades of color or a different color altogether. If we notice such signs, we bring in our skin specialists to examine them more carefully.

D – Diameter

Generally, moles can grow up to 6 millimeters, but if we notice a mole that has grown more than that and is still growing, our dermatologists start examining the mole closely.

E – Evolving

Our skin doctors keep a close eye on any kind of evolutions in size, shape, and color.


Before we start mole removal treatments, we spend time with our patients for a basic and initial consultation. We take utmost care in examining your skin and make notes on any crucial observation.

We carefully review your medical history and look for any kind of skin allergies.

If you are facing any skin or hair problems, visit Noa Hair and book an appointment today! We offer expertise and solutions that are skin-deep!

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