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Best laser hair removal service

The term ‘laser’ alone can indeed conjure scary sci-fi images, and things can get scary when you combine ‘laser’ with ‘hair removal’!

But in reality, the laser hair removal treatment is a beautiful innovation that gets rid of unwanted hair in a body to make it more beautiful and desirable. It is a comfortable, safe, and fast technique of hair removal. But, many misconceptions revolve around it.

In this post, we will bunk the laser hair removal myths with facts.

So, if you are tired of waxing and shaving but scared to go for laser hair removal, this is the right post for you.

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It makes more hair grow back!

Many people think that laser hair removal can make hair grow back faster. With proper hair removal treatment, the hair follicles are destroyed. It reduces the chances of growing back hair by many folds; forget growing more than before!

It’s painful

If you imagine someone shooting deadly laser rays on your skin, similar to scenes from sci-fi movies, then you can rest assured that it is less painful than waxing.

Different people will indeed have a different threshold for pain. But the majority of people reported that they experienced a tingling sensation, not pain. Furthermore, you can ask the therapist to adjust the settings or use formulated lotions to reduce sensations.

It takes years to get results

A successful laser hair removal treatment takes 4 to 5 sessions at most, and it removes almost 90 percent of all unwanted hair. If you are going for underarm laser hair removal, it will take less time because the area would be smaller compared to bigger areas.

There are options where you can stretch the treatment to more days, but that depends on you and your therapist.

It’s not safe

Laser hair removal treatment works on the hair follicles only. Therefore, the surrounding tissue would remain unharmed. Furthermore, millions of people tried laser hair removal, and statistically, it can be considered safe.

However, you should always talk to a certified laser hair removal clinic after reading their reviews and customer feedback.

It’s expensive

It would look more expensive when you compare laser hair removal costs with conventional methods like waxing or shaving. But, remember that laser hair removal is a solution for the long run, making it reasonable and cost-effective.

Of course, different clinics will have different charges. You can compare laser hair removal prices of the different clinics and make your decision.

Skin color matters

No, it doesn’t! Our laser hair removal service is certified and approved, which is effective for every skin color.

It causes scarring

Although there is a chance of laser hair removal treatment causing scars, it depends on the therapist and their experience. That is why you should make sure that you go to a trusted, approved, and certified clinic.

Our skin specialists are experienced and have the necessary skills and training to understand your skin type and ensure that you get the desired result without any scar.


Choosing the right laser hair removal service is an entire work in itself. Consult us for a better understanding and the best hair removal laser treatment cost that suits your budget.

Don’t believe in myths; talk to the experts!

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