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hair fall problem solution

Shedding hair is normal till you are shedding below 100 single hairs every day. But if you are shedding 125 or more hairs every day, you are probably experiencing hair loss! But who’s counting?

Seeing too many hairs on the bathroom floor or noticing too many thin hairs are pretty good signs.

Hair loss can affect a person in more ways than you think. According to the Brazilian Annals of Dermatology, hair loss can lead to depression and low self-esteem among women.

If you think that hair loss can only affect women, then you’re wrong! American Hair Loss Association found out that 25 percent of men start balding before 21, which affects their professional and personal lives.

But is there no solution to hair fall? Yes, there is, and it’s a permanent one!

The permanent solution to hair loss

It is entirely possible to have healthy and natural-looking hair with a hair transplant. It’s a tested, trusted, and accepted solution that will make sure you gain back your confidence and reclaim your self-esteem.

The latest hair transplant that we offer is nothing like the popular patchy doll-like hair during the 80s. With advanced technology and expertise, we deliver natural-looking and permanent results.

We guarantee natural and convincing results that even your stylist or barber wouldn’t be able to spot them.

Need more reasons?

Here are not two but six reasons why a hair transplant is the best solution for hair loss.

Permanent solution

If you are looking for something permanent and need no renewal at regular intervals, a hair transplant is the best choice.

Almost no maintenance

Compared to other procedures, a hair transplant needs minimal maintenance, especially after the hair follicles grow.

One-time expense

The procedure is simple and easy. There are no prolonged clinic visits and too many consultation appointments.

High success rate

Clinical studies claim that up to 95 percent of all implanted grafts grow in the area of transplant, which indicates very high success rates of hair regrowth.

Natural and healthy hair

The hair won’t look mismatched or fake as it would be sourced from you.

No long-term medication

You don’t have to take prolonged medication after the procedure is complete.

Losing hair is much like experiencing your face fading with time. The hair makes an appearance complete, and without it, the appearance changes.

With advanced technology and an impeccable track record of hair regrowth, we have earned innumerable smiles.

Still not sure?

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