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Hair Follicle Transplant Near Me

One will go to a hair transplant when none of the hair therapy works but looking at the benefits of the best hair treatment and the pain or suffering that has been implicated by severe baldness, the hair transplant is worth the while. Let us investigate the benefits of the hair transplant surgery:

  1. Natural process: Hair transplantation is an entirely safe and natural process. Which doesn’t involve any sort of chemicals or medications which would damage the hair. In this procedure, the natural hair comes from the donor area and is used to restore the hair lost in the recipient area, which makes the entire process natural.
  2. Eliminates balding: A hair transplant generally helps one to get relaxed from all types of hair-related issues as it provides the solution for all the problems like receding the hairline or any of the bald spots on the head. It has proven to be one of the most effective ways of hair treatments as patients will not experience any balding or hair loss again.
  3. Improved appearance: It is one of the most reliable and permanent solutions that can improve the overall appearance of your hair and face. The feeling of being ugly, thin or non-existent hair will go away following the hair transplant procedure. This gives one a head full of hair and makes one attractive and confident and makes one look young.
  4. Low maintenance: The hair transplant appears to be natural and works like natural hair. And it doesn’t need any special shampoos or chemicals to have the density. They require low maintenance as they are the patient’s hair generally. And it is a one-time procedure with no regular trips to the clinic. However, most people repeat the process after one year to have hair with more density and fullness.
  5. Cost-effective: As it is a permanent solution, and it tends to be a bit pricey. But the cost may vary from person to person depending on certain factors like location, skill and experience. Where one does not need to spend a lot of money on follow-up visits.

There are multiple factors for the loss of hair like lack of nutrition and stress becoming prevailing factors for the loss of hair as this is a global health concern in both men and women. And genetics, medications, hormonal changes, and other prevailing factors also cause hair loss. But these factors are considered to be more individualistic than holistic way. Nowadays there are many hair care treatments available in the market the main one being hair transplant or hair replacement. Hair replacement is a non-invasive method which included a plethora of hair patching or hair wigs. Hair transplantation is arguably the most popular hair regrowth procedure in the world. As this process has hair follicles from different parts of the head or the body that is removed and planted into the balding areas of the head. This process is mostly called follicular hair transplantation.

Advantages of the hair transplantation

The regrowth of the hair growth has turned out to be a blessing for those who want to have natural-looking hair. And the surgery can be done by transplanting the hair from the donor to the site to the recipient site. Hence the texture and the look of the donor will match the hair perfectly matching the existing hair.

Minimal downtime

Another benefit of hair transplantation is that it ensures minimal downtime. Just like after taking bed rest for two or three days, one can resume everyday activities just like that. However, it is very important to take permission from the surgeon to resume daily activities.

Pain and scar free

If the hair transplantation is chosen, then there would be no visible scar will be left on your scalp after the surgery also the hair transplantation is conducted under local anesthesia and there will be no pain during the sessions.

Cheaper in the long run

The non-surgical method means treating hair loss seems like and affordable option, but they generally require extensive maintenance. The cost of the maintenance alone would add up over the period and that would lead to an increase in the cost drastically. Hence people who are looking for a maintenance-free hair loss treatment then one should go with the hair transplant method.

What are the disadvantages of hair transplants with local clinics and doctors?

Long waiting period

The whole hair transplant procedure is quite a time-consuming method and the whole procedure would be completed in months durations like the wait around time for the procedure is around 3 to 4 months and before actually getting the appointments from the physician there would be multiple sittings with the doctor and getting an appointment with the renowned surgeon would take months to years sometimes.

No guarantee

Under proper medical guidance, the hair transplant can yield great results and natural-looking hair, but it can also take a turn for the worse if not performed properly. Hair fall is a serious infection and people can have a lot of problems. So one should always consult an experienced professional for hair transplant surgery and by being open about medical history, medications and allergic products the doctor has to also check with the surgical instruments if the patient is allergic to any type of metals.

Fee structure

The overall cost for the hair transplant therapy would be on the number of grafts or hair follicles as per the personal requirement therefore the cost may vary from person to person and the doctor’s choice of transplantation would add up a lot of factors on the cost and this procedure is quite expensive.

Surgical risk

Another downside of hair transplant is that there are many side effects which run parallel during the treatment. For itching, pain, numbness, non-acceptance of foreign tissue etc. One must be very careful while selecting a surgeon as there would be high chances of falling in the wrong hands and the whole treatment would get botched up. So, when the patient is planning on spending the money one should make sure that they get the best doctor with good experience and get proper treatment where one can expect positive results.

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