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Hair loss is something we cannot accept, in our lives that easily. When that happens, it affects the physiological and emotional stability of one person. The self-confidence dissipates along with the hair. The best mode to get it under control is hair care treatment, but if the damage is too deep then one will be truly helpless, but it doesn’t mean it can be taken under control. The best way to remediate this is by having a transplant. It is very easy to say that transplant is the best and only option when there is no option, but the homework to choose the best hair treatment clinic is a tedious process. That is where this article comes in handy, you can look into this article as a reference and do your homework.

The basic homework required for choosing the hair care clinic

Relying on aesthetic medicine to get all the help one need is the typical way of looking into the problem. But it doesn’t always bode on our side let’s see the criteria for choosing the best hair care treatment.

Reference and reviews

A basic glimpse of a hair treatment clinic can be caught by reading the reviews of the clinic, customer satisfaction, or any kind of dissatisfaction. There are multiple ways to find that and customer feedback and insights on the clinic can help wonders.

Making a reservation for consultation

No matter how many reviews one read, it cannot completely guarantee one’s doubts. So, the best way to do that is by having a face-to-face consultation and by saying what is in one’s mind and getting responses from doctors or staff members. When the patient sees the environment, new questions will arise.

Asking for the technology and the method used

It is necessary to know if the clinic is using cutting-edge technology, for hair transplants. The tip is to not consider any hair care treatment who is still using old and typical methods of hair transplant, without using the advanced methods. Because in the advanced methods, the hair transplant is more painless, smoother, and faster. So, it is better in all senses. Besides the technology ask for the technique the doctor using, if the technology is advanced but the technique used is obsolete then there is no use in getting the hair transplant.

Result evaluation

Another way to choose the hair transplant clinic is by checking the before and after results from the patients, who have got their hair transplants. So, the patient can make an informed decision while choosing the clinic. The modes might be like looking at the photos of the patient and so on.

Asking about the team operating

The best way or the most effective way is to choose the right hair care clinic and also to know about the surgeons and the assistants. Having extensive knowledge about the team and their work and certificates and their behavior with patients is very important.

Types of hair transplant surgery

Now getting into the technical part, of the hair transplant, now let us look into the different ways of the transplantation

Follicular unit transplantation

This is an older technique used in transplantation, but it is a common procedure. This involves removing the strip of the hair via the scalp and performing an incision, from the back of the head. The size of the strip is generally 6- 10 inches long and surgical sutures are required to close the open wound. Then the hair follicles will be isolated and harvested from the scalp strip. These are called grafts and will be used to transplant the new hair care procedure. The number of grafts required will depend on the hair type and size of the transplant and sometimes even the colour of the hair.

Follicular Unit Extraction(FUE)

FUE of the hair transplant is the precise procedure that requires a great deal of skill and precision and training from the surgeons. This is an invasive procedure and leaves fewer scars compared to the FUT. Patients often recover faster and the results of the transplant are usually higher quality especially as the follicles are less likely to get damaged with this method. When carrying out the FUE procedure the surgeon starts by shaving off the hair from the back of the head. This will take an individual follicle out of the skin and then there will be a micro punch instrument. This leads to the appearance of small dots on the head where the hair follicles were removed during the surgery.

Cost of the treatment

The hair care treatment is considered cosmetic surgery which means that you can’t get this procedure funded by insurance companies. The cost of the procedure will vary depending on the extent of the hair loss and the reputation of the surgeon in the UK it might start from £1000 and can go to £30,000. Any clinic which is trustworthy will for sure gives a free consultation.

Success rates

In most cases, the hair transplant is often more successful than over-the-counter hair medication. But there are numerous factors to keep in mind they are the amount of hair transplanted will fully grow in about 3-4 months and can be anywhere in the region for about 10 to 80%. This can have less effective results than expected with the dormant hair follicles, the sacs that currently contain hair but will no longer be effective.

What to expect from the surgery

Recovery and aftercare

Recovery from your hair transplant should be very quick and simple. The surgeons and the after-care team will give important advice before and after the surgery. This will help one to prepare for the recovery and the process and how to look after oneself. It’s always best to stay in touch with the doctors till the healing process is complete. Always avoid washing yours for at least 3 days after the treatment. Once when you start washing your hair it’s always recommended to be gentle and the unscented shampoos for a few weeks and one should always take some days off to recover from the surgery and to speed up the recovery. Wait for at least 3 weeks to start brushing your hair, and one should not wear any hats or beanies or clothing that covers the head until the doctor says so. Avoid extensive work out for at least a week after the surgery.

Potential risks

Just like any other surgery, there are risks and complications associated with getting a hair transplant, some of the common side effects associated with the procedure include swelling, bruising, and sensitivity. These side effects may be uncomfortable for a few days and if they persist or they get worse than one should contact the clinic. Some of the rare side effects one should keep an eye on like signs of infection such as redness, pain and puss, drainage or crust such as redness, pain or swelling that won’t go away, follicle swelling, bleeding from the surgical site, numbness or tingling sensation, hair growth that doesn’t match the surrounding hair. So, it’s always recommended to do the research and then get on with the surgery.

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