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Laser Hair Removal in Kadapa

Isn’t it annoying to deal with unwanted hair growth on some parts of the face and body?

“I love waxing,” said no one ever. Waxing, plucking, and shaving off unwanted hair – you’ve probably tried them all. It’s time-consuming and painful, and most of all, hair would always grow back.

You need a permanent solution to this growing problem, an end to the endless cycle of unwanted hair regrowth. It’s time to invest in self-care and feel good about smooth and silky skin.

You should consider laser hair removal treatment if you’re looking for an easy, painless, and long-term solution for your pesky hair.

Laser hair removal treatments have progressively become the popular choice for millions. Laser hair removal is essentially done to eliminate undesirable hair in any piece of the body (except for eyelids and encompassing region). It is normally done in legs, armpits, upper lip, jaw, etc. It works by utilizing concentrated light energy or laser that will be consumed by the melanin in the skin. This light energy is then changed over to heat energy that will obliterate the hair follicles in the skin; thus, hair development will be forestalled or deferred.

For successful elimination of body or facial hair, laser hair removal often takes 2-6 treatments. The time period also depends on the part of the body being treated, hair density, and rate of hair growth. Each laser hair removal session will be the same. The success of laser removal relies upon the shade of the skin and the hair. The higher the contrast between them, the higher is the success of laser treatment, and the other way around. Henceforth, laser treatment is best when the hair is of dull shading and the skin is light. Here’s what to expect during laser hair removal treatment:


  • Special goggles will be given to shield your eyes from the laser beam.
  • You might have to razor on the body parts that will undergo treatment.
  • Local anesthesia will be given to decrease pain and discomfort during the treatment.

The treatment

  • The doctor will use a handheld laser wand that will be pressed and gradually moved across your skin until the entire target area has been treated.
  • It may take only a few minutes to treat smaller areas like the upper lip.
  • For larger areas like the back, the treatment can take up to an hour.
  • You should only plan to get one area treated per session unless they are small areas.

After Treatment

  • After the laser removal session, redness or swelling might occur that might last for a few hours.
  • Ice can be applied to the area if you’re undergoing pain or severe discomfort.
  • Steroid cream can be applied if a skin reaction occurs just after the treatment to reduce inflammation.
  • After reaching home if a skin reaction occurs you should contact your doctor for assistance.

Perks of laser hair removal

‍Some of the most widely recognized advantages of laser hair expulsion are:

  • The main benefit of laser hair evacuation is that its impact is permanent. Unlike other techniques for hair expulsion like shaving, waxing, etc, laser hair evacuation has a perpetual impact.
  • Laser hair evacuation is an exceptionally precise technique for hair expulsion. Just the hair in the desired region is taken out without harming the nearby skin.
  • Laser hair evacuation is an exceptionally fast procedure. The methodology requires only a couple of minutes for smaller regions while bigger regions take about an hour.
  • Regardless of its complicated name, the cycle is very simple and effective, and the dangers are very low.

‍If you are looking for permanent solution to unwanted hair growth. You should consider laser hair removal treatment. For further information please contact Noa Hair at 836.743.6003 or visit to learn more.

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